This is my luck

Saved 300 tokens used them all in hard to get new drone. Didn’t get it

Bought some more tokens used them all didn’t get it.

SM gods hate me.

Post your builds with your new drone guys! Let’s see some cool mechs

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i did 2 full reffils and got epics, gonna do more tommorow

Cuz so many items are here that you have very low chance, even when they buff chance for item portal specific item.

wow I got 2 hard portals in a row that did not drop a box… f*ck me…

I spent 810 tokens on the claw portal, all on refills. Got 0 claws from it (I found one later). I feel your pain.

People who have like 5 claws make me mad.

So far I have done 90+ runs 80% hard 20% insane and have gotten squat…in fact…I did a run of TWO fuel tanks and didn’t get one single mix box…that’s about 18 runs of nothing…talk about frustrating

Hmm, smells like speedhag :>>



I don’t even know what that is.

But I prefer “crone” to “hag”, it’s more dignified.

well… I even spent fcking money to try and see if I get it because I really want it… but fck it after $15 if I still dont have it thise little piece of flash game does not deserve my money I mean with $15 I can buy a steam game and get way more fun on a game that I can actually get shit done. HECK in Warframe where I there are absurds amounts of gear and drops with $15 plat I could get multiple sets of exactly what I need trading with players… I am so annoyed

yo this is my luck, but with all the chests in the game

not a big ddeal.
i got 7 continous emty runs on my third refill.
After that i got 2 boxes-! dellurium,and 4 leg food.
it is worth it.

Don’t like the game, don’t play the game

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