This is my first mythical item


Sorry I did not have a screen shot of when i first transformed it.


Update your avatar :wink:


Man I really feel like I am missing out on that sick transform screenshot


i know i forgot to get it im an idiot


You should change your forum name too: MYTH_LEGENDARY_MECH or ALMOST_LEGENDARY_MECH


Is that what Zakares looks like at mythical? Wow. I wasn’t really sure up until now.


Mything your first item is always a special moment that you’ll keep alongside your SM career.
I know how hard it is to give up on 5 other legendaries to do that xD
Good job and keep it up :slight_smile:


Like this one?

And yeah,I take a screenshot every time I do this


rly its awesome. I remember getting my Zark myth. and myth clash. Capture9
hmmm… and I found it harder to max a weapon, legs, or torsos than a drone.


my first myth was…a Regen Mass Booster XD


My friend,are you challenging me to post all my screenshots of upgrading items?

Me too.
But just because of that,I’ll upgrade those first and leave the drone for last.Then the modules.


well i’ll be. I rly screwed up by maxing my clash first


thank you very much wont forget you are right