This is my first fanart so im sorry guys if this is bad to you



what is this exactly


My thoughts exactly


It looks like :

A Nightmare/Sith/Interceptor + God Mode/Brutality torso, Rolling Beasts + Sizzling Rollers legs, A robotic punching arm? What? And a simple top weapon. No biggie.


im just a 10 years old kid so my drawing í suck


that is not a punching arm is just a fail torso project


One thing for sure, don’t draw anywhere near a scrapped drawing. :ok_hand:


thanks for a advice cyanine


If you look really hard… It looks like a Redeemer like torso with a Eye and lines in the front with a somewhat Plasma gun like weapon and a Machinegun and the top is a Somewhat Disc like launcher… Looks good to me!



ha take a look at my second torso


you should use sketchpad,it’s easy to use


WOW OWO thats looks op


Oh understood . I am 13 year old