This is moment 1vs1 Rising


El último trofeo en mi lista XD!


This is kind of proving my point about people catching up and people saying energy mechs are over powered. Whenever I fight a equally well fused mech as mine the battle is always exciting and it is always super close win or lose. I think as the other types catch up to the well fused energy types it will be more balanced. If they nerf energy types we will have no chance vs 0 energy physicals or heaters…


fluffeh has been able to beat my energy with his heat since the start


I find heat mechs the toughest now, it is kind of like they switched it instead of physicals being strong vs energy now heats are. They have 0 energy drones, 0 energy shotguns, 0 energy mid range (the rifle thing), and 0 energy artillery. And once they overheat you it is almost impossible to keep them 0 energy.


My list Best heat energy and physicals
< Heats: Asa8742, Cilius, MRX, Wepwawet, Fluxeon
< Energy: Rising, Socialmisfit1, Toxic, The fallen, Vorgoth
< Physicals: Welcome :P, Mitch, Frawatuet


You haven’t beat me yet. :wink:

Let’s hope we get to battle in-game.


ya revise tu mech, ok entras en la lista XD!


I have beaten you quite a few times too @Well I just don’t brag lol.


run toxic run top 1, te estaré esperando XD!


lol want to 1v1 @Well?



siempre de lejos o de cerca, not justice u.u



Your energy recovery is to low I am a high energy drainer and when you don’t recover my damage goes up a lot.



Soy físico no energía XD!


Nice you almost got me that time… if you raised your energy recovery you would beat me but then heat mechs would beat you…


4 life…


Really good fights though and super exciting. Thanks @Well <3


sin duda me hacen falta esos módulos de vida legendarios, pero con eso las cajas premium dan mierda XD1