This is how I look at Reign Reforged

These people too:
@Se77en @Shabbadoo52

Love you @bestplayerintheworld <3


well reign ref is nr . 1 now

Nothing personal




That guy spents its time better than SuperMechs Players.


@killymachine yes? idk who Reign Reforged is :confused:


it is a clan


Ever checked the top 3 clans? Lol


He checks frequently out his subscriber amount and freaks out after getting another one… :wink:


I don’t know what to say to this :joy:
Ever looked in the clan ranking list or news?



kudos to your roasts ma man . respecc


Another one of what? I don’t freak out over my subscribers because my channel is always growing.

I don’t pay attention to top clans other then watch their replays. I’m not getting the rewards so I don’t need to look at clans.


@TechnoDive its better we dont take care anymore to the nonsense of that kid.


She just wants to get attention…


mm yes , i agree