This is getting ridiculous ;-;

rank 3 with a rank 1 , actually F*** off.

make each rank fight with its rank.

rank 1 w/ rank 1 and etc.

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I didn’t see any complaint when you (r3) fought me (r5) :slight_smile:


i couldnt care less honestly. i want everyone to fight their rank

You have fully fused mech dood, why r u complaining

And? still not fair cause people go off limit with their HP , in 6 turns i was down to 200 hp and he had 1.3k

Its ridculous , and this happens every time i fight a rank 1

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Sees first tab: What is my sexuality?

#NICE. :thumbsup:


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that if a rank 1 ask for a PvP, system looks for someone in same rank. If the system does not find, then it goes to the next lower one and so on until it finds opponent (at least in theory, that is, hopefully there are no mistakes or tricks here too).

Now, this also happened before the League.

It´s assumed that 1x1 there are more players and should be much less frequent. But if you play 2x2 or 3x3, it often happens very often.


looks like llyl are too scared to fight with the big boys these days.

how the mighty have fallen.


Lyll … ??? I don´t …

In fact there are only 2 members in your clan with whom surely I lose and two more with whom the result may be uncertain. I pass the rest to my mustaches.

So when you say “Lyll”, do you mean Lyll members? Think a little before writing.

And do you know what happens when I lose? Well, I’m more willing to continue and follow… I don´t live with fear, Mr.

Yo solo recuerdo que algunos lloraban el vs es muy fácil, actualmente da tanta hueva, esperar 5 a 10 minutos es muy aburrido, debería poder hacerse desde el chat XD!

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Also, my friend, don´t spit up, because in your clan there is more than one example of fallen angels.

And … if that were not enough, dont forget, Lyll after update was in 5th place in ranking, and we managed to go up to the 3rd. In contrast, HTK, which had been in first place since the update, has now fallen to the 2nd. Lyll grew up, HTK is going down.

You yourself, Misfit, after the initial impetus, it seems that you have stayed quite along the way. Be careful not to fall further down.

Good luck!

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All ok with you :question:

“HTK is going down”

You are so sweet, we placed one time 2nd after winning Clan Gold Medal 7 times in a row :exclamation:
(very bad mhhh ROFL … talk to your doctor more please)

And that only because 2 members were in holidays :grey_exclamation: So we WON Silver Clan Medal with 22 members :exclamation:

That’s AMAZING :grey_exclamation:

Go counting your BRONZE medals and talk nonsense about your own clan :exclamation:



You do not need to explain anything, when the questioner is insignificant, who can not with the impotence of being kicked off the rank when he intends to win a medal, and as an additional fact has been kicked by members of our clan. You must sad and frustrating to spend so much to do so little. A lost and wasted investment, anyone with that same investment would do it better.

to question the performance of HTK when it has obtained all the gold and one silver medals. we can even afford to dedicate ourselves to our family commitments for Christmas holidays and still make the best paper.

PD: should take advantage of these dates as it does nothing but play take advantage of these days that we are busy in our Christmas maybe so win something.

It is absurd [quote=“bestplayerintheworld, post:14, topic:9252”]
(very bad mhhh ROFL … talk to your doctor more please)


Hooray, another bait tossing thread. :slight_smile:

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