This is getting ridiculous


Reign has 27 members and is gonna take gold this week because of a glitch? Gtfoh.
Also people keep coming into my clan and changing our clan banner. -_-
Please remove the “entering clan” glitch.


Someone called ” Kig Pig” (old name ” MandaSan”, Russian) joined and change our flag and R.O.G.U.E flags soo :confused:



We have opened a bug for this and will the fix will live later today.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:


Swear that it will be fixed please


At least you didn’t say “soon” this time…


The team just informed me it went live. :blush:


Poor reign without their 27 members now theyre in 3rd place. </3


Thanks, now it is fair again.

Also… great work actually doing something about the problems for once. Keep it up!


I send my regards of thanks to Sarah and the developers.


You kick 3 players from Reign Who souldent be kicked. They are: Mog, AlmarQK and Bad Bunny. you soul kick the players Who joined after clan was full not kick random old players of clan.
if u can add then back and kick the last ones Who joined will be awesome!

  1. No one told u guys to have 27 members lol. Lannister was online and was basically like “more players? Sure why not”; instead of kicking them to 24.
  2. Lannister can remove and add players accordingly


Cant wait for a chance to accuse Reign for something. And you Dead Inside are perfectly innocent, just like your whole clan is.


I see all of your clan weaklings who can only talk about others, but not about himself.


And you are your clan’s what, a lawyer?


Oh, stop, I’m dying. You do not stop to shoot their arrows.


I’ve never actually cheated in this game. I really should because its not like im gonna get punished and free full fusion? Free mythicals? And colors?? Yummm, but i continue to play clean. Now, I dont know if i can say the same about my clan but youre using the fallacious “guilt by association” argument. Get over yourself.
I’ve been witholding many accusations because I dont have any concrete evidence to prove it. Mainly against flux and killa and a select few others. I’m not sitting here arguining like children like Kig Blinc and lannister. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
Or is it just you that’s trigger happy to take shots at me? Again, get over yourself. Smfh.


We can all claim that we never cheated, that is easy to say. But, to prove that isnt that easy. We can all accuse everyone without proves, and they will get ‘cheater’ mark. And when the famous BUG was on, no body cared about the cheaters who are using it, and getting benefit from it, its just important to get a medal!!! So we have today what we have, cheaters. No body was even paying attention when I said about the clan 25 members bug, when one player joined without invitation and started losing like crazy and made my clan drop, no one cared. But now when clan is 1st, of course you will all care and accuse people, because HEY I NEED THE MEDAL.
Im not arguing, I never do. You need a lot more to make me argue with someone. This is just exchange of opinions, and defending mine.


I am closing this thread.
If you want to discuss hackers, cheaters or anything else. Feel free to PM me or write to with the specifics.
As I have said in the past we try and investigate every claim.
Thanks :slight_smile: