This is cool....just smurf

Look at his rank…this is a problem, they just troll people and at such a low rank full myth is overkill and those who encounter him are dommed
EDIT : 1/2 from his clan are the same…


Is their second mech full myth as well?

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YES, it is…hate smurf

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Well, no worries!
In the new update, matchmaking will be based on power (the strength your mech has) instead of rank. No more facing smurfs!

Well atleast I hope it does. Or it will end up like the Armory thing…


I have reported him before
He uses the 4 turn win glitch in ladder and he remains a low rank as that glitch only works for 1v1 not 2v2

What new update?

I have fought this guy many times, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, so when I’m fighting this guy it’s kind of like a 50/50.

In the future some kind of update.

Hmm… I think that guy is just a Rp’er or just a troll

This smurf is either farming wins or roleplays in german so much that they forgot to do arena.

That:s what I believe.


I was with him in clan and i was fighting with him in arena,
i really good know what his doing :smiley:

I ask me for how many wins is the best reward… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tell him to stop with this nonsense.
Vielen Dank.

Nope… that’s ok…
I dont speak with russians

I do not want to spoil your hopes but “power level” is simply the level your item has.
And as it resets that with any upgrade it would be quite bad to make a matchmaking based on it.
E.g.: Myth item level 1 and common item level 1 both have power level 1.
A fully mythed mech with all items at level 30 would have the same power level as a completely epic mech with all epics at level 30.
Even better though is a mech completely mythed at level 20 for all items as that would have an even lower power level than a fully epic mech with all items at level 30.

So power level is just the item’s level on its current rarity and has nothing to do with matchmaking.

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I’m sure he meaned something else, general calculated power.

And i’m much more sure this will not be…
… this would killl matchmaking.

Noobs will have to fight with someone, but best players would fight with air :hocho:

Well good luck having fight with him at arena battle.

You cant speech with such people…
…i’m one of them…

You win, or you die.

And you’re telling that you’re one of the smurfs?

Mate just tell him and you’re free.

Listen you cant convince, its strategy of the best.
Only stupid will hear to small peoples.

Do you see his rank?
Tell him to bost up.

End of the story lad.