This is annoying once you are in this topic press u


why do they have this? today i was trying to respond to a topic and i accidentrly click off and type in “under” and wheni press u it goes back and my topic is lost why tacticsoft uhhhhhh


Yeah, this annoys me alot.


I’ve never even realized this before…


Nope never happen to me.


Don’t click off
Problem solved :white_check_mark:


Try to go into your account’s settings
category: PMs (or “activity”)
Click on the “Drafts” button on the left of the screen

It MIGHT be there


What the hell,you’re back??
Go back to where you came from!


Should I rename you “Hatred”, by any chance ? ^^

(I’m talking to you Lake)


thx winz i forgot to change it to that