This in not right! - SM is unbalanced and things need to be changed - Here's why:


I could provide a ton of other screenshots if you want me to.

I made this topic to discuss about a couple particular matters:

First of all,the drops!

I talked to these guys and most are free players (Terra Ratchet dude said he payed around 20 bucks,got rubbish and never spent again and someone on the forum told me Darkstare also spent a little).
The dudes got (most) of their actual items for free!
Do you have any clue just how much some of us spend and get epics?

I,for instance,got a Windforge as a noob just a couple days after Fortune Boxed were launched.
I never got anything good after that,not even for the 50 euros I spent (and keep in mind that some spent thousands and get rubbish).
El_Metre has spent a little over 6000 dollars and didn’t get a single plate while others got them from fortune boxes/rubbish portals.
And he’s not the only one who spent to get little to nothing,but in any case,nowhere near close to being worth the money!
Actually,there are a lot of us who went (are going) trhough the same thing.

Second of all,the items!

There is a huge lack of items and many experience a lack of them to make a good build (unless they spend thousands to get a couple useful one or are hackers).
The drops are way too low (and they didn’t even show us the actual chances nonetheless) and some items are close to impossible to obtain.

Third of all,the builds and the arena!

The last update in which they removed the modes made the arena a little WAY too unbalanced.
I can’t get past rank 5 because of item shortage and guess what:
I mostly fight hybrid mechs.
Some people have such crappy build but they win,because either RNG is with them so they’re just crazy lucky,others are 800 hp lower than me,don’t even deploy a drone but they win because of the arena shop using NO STRATEGY,firing the first thing that comes to their hands and many more things that put me into a state of rage and complete misery as a player.
The arena is not what used to be anymore and the builds are nowhere near close to the builds before the update.
Everything took a turn in the wrong direction here.
I played on a friend’s account the other day (rank somewhere between 20 and 18,don’t remember exactly) and as a lower rank,everything is a little smoother.
But as a higher rank player (not top),the arena must be one of the most cancerous things to do ever.
You face crazy builds,some of them are f2p and extremely OP (and yes,I mean OP) and kick your soul without even thinking before what they click on and you lose.
And keep losing and losing,hoping you’s find someone like your sorry self that you can beat to maintain your rank.
This is just not right.
Just how many times I wanted to quit because of how crazy the arena has become.

Fourth of all,more about weapons/items in general!

You all know the Valiant Sniper,right?
The wonder weapon of some that will never get it while others get two of them from fotrune boxes/portal boxes.

And right now I’ll talk about energy in general (as an energy user myself so you can’t say I’m just crying out loud):

Valiant Sniper:
The thing that will drain half your tank if the opponent still has 31 energy.
It drain so much for so little that it’s broken.
It must have either a nerf or a cost increase,because the noob physicals I fight have a Valiant (yes,you read correctly) and will use that to drain you and kill you with their Interceptor torsos and NF’s (I’m sorry I didn’t take a screenshot at that time,you’d bang your head on the keyboard).

Energy in general is broken.
Draining 300 something in just 1 turn,are we?
Please wait a second and I’ll find a match to take a screenshot if you don’t believe me.
Right,here you go:

The dude had more but I cut his cap and even did extra damage because of the electric extra damage.
Sorry but I couldn’t get a better match/better screenshot from someone with more energy.

As for physicals:
They also have a tactic but it’s way more primitive.
That because of the lack of f2p items and physical weapons in general.

But what I wanted to say is that,after a certain health sum,you gain turns,turns in which you can do up to 1000 to your opponent!
And yeah,it doesn’t matter wether you have 1800 hp or 2300 hp,you’ll still get an extra turn (and do another 1000 damage of you start first!) or lose if you start second.

We were chatting about the 2v2 update and the dude just used a charge.
If it wasn’t for that charge,his second mech would have still been alive,as I killed both his mechs with mine,that had enough hp itself to inflict 2 full combos worth around 900 damage each!
Talk about unfairness.

As for heats…Not much to say as a physical and electrician as I kill 8/10 heaters I face.
And the ones I don’t kill are mostly because they have broken first mechs,range/turn advantage.

There are a couple other things I’d like to point out and discuss but I think this is enough.
Let’s continue this in the comment section below.
@Sarah247 @Mohadib Please read this,give us more items,give us equal chances to items and battles and please make the game more balanced.

Does everyone agree?

  • I agree
  • I disagree

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I stopped reading the moment i saw the first 3 pictures.


It’s much to read,I know,but please do when you have time or you want to.
It’s about the bigger problems that pretty much destroy our time as SM-ers.


I dont know what you are trying to say , and im not gonna bother to read.

But why do you have issues with people spending money / being lucky on their legendary items?


Don’t bother.
I wrote why and I don’t wanna bother writing again :slight_smile:

I have no issue with that,I do it myself and I think it’s completely okay if you want.
It’s about where that money goes and the fact that f2p,crazy lucky people,delete us in the arena using those items…And a little more.


the point is simple. This message is so long and no one will read it.

They don’t care about their own game. There was no Easter event, it was a good chance to release something cool. A good team is always working for nice events, I think.

Also, I suppose that some players got specific items for free, Idk how. But it’s strange that it’s so easy for them to get myth plates, I didnt getting good items from months, maybe that some account are in the black list? Bah


Maybe it’s long,I’m sorry but I couldn’t make it shorter.
And I wanted to write about many other things but it was already too much…

Yeah,that’s one of the points up there.
That lead to the point in which I spoke a little about the arena.

Again,100% agree.


2 days after this update :
New item released ! Platinum Plate MK2 ! Now with tripple the HP amounts !


I like a (remark) nice joke,but please stay on topic.
I really want people to see this as no one’s pointed it out yet.
It’s become crazy out here.


What’s p2p exactly ? ^^


The way on how to get the game balanced is just simply return big boy’s legendary drop rates back since beta reloaded , its hard but its not impossible for people to get L-M items but now … , you see my point


I meant f2p,I’ll edit it rn and thx for pointing that mistake out and actually reading :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah,while it’d seem broken at first it would actually be a real game changer and balance some things out.


Mate, its just like that. As good as you can be as a f2p, youll stop at r4, maybe r3.
If you want to progress further youll have to pay.
If you want to enter top 50 you will have to both pay and be lucky on the drops (you may or may not be right assessing that there is other parameters than luck on that; we will never really know)… As for top ranks: paying, luck, and good builder/strategist.


I know things you write are actually more or less true, almost always proved by something, so ^^

It don’t bother me reading, especially when I find it interresting ^^


Yes,bro,I know…
But in this case,the f2p players get actualy items and we get epics for the boxes we buy.
Then what do they make with these actualy items?
Hybrids that delete us.

While some don’t even take their drones out and they still delete us.

And no,the dude never got his drone out,but he still won because of the turn and the fact that,after a certain amount of health,you gain turns as a physical.


Well thanks,I’m trying to prove a point here :slight_smile:
And I’m glad you found it interesting!


Here is where I’m at on all this… We all get what we play for. The game is the game. It isn’t good and probably won’t get better …ever. Many issues and overall just infuriating but you have a choice . Play and enjoy it or just stop. They aren’t going to fix anything. They care so little they just asked the community to mine free currency for them. They don’t CARE . PLAY or go .


I agree man but I still want to believe that there could be a change.
I refuse to give up just like that,take it and swallow but I can’t keep going like this forever either.


Bro I fought the fight . Got a few hearts on my posts and a ban hammer by the devs lol .