This idea just hit me


so i just thought of this idea. its a better way for clans to compete. for example LLYL and HTK are current enemies. and so lets say grosbos declares war on besty. then basically every member has to fight each member of each clan and work their way up. from worst mech to the leader. and if the player isnt online then its taken over by an AI. to compete. and whoever won the battle gets points. and which ever clan has the most points win. thoughts on this?


or just have an ai vs the player


This idea is a very good :slight_smile:


Another clan wars topic :expressionless:


good idea I like it: :slight_smile:


Would be quite the sad outcome for llyl.

Nice idea though. Here is a much more worked out version:


Are we trying to make Super Mechs like Clash of Clans?


im just saying it would be an interesting idea


I’m not saying its bad.
But this can be unfair due to the fact that some clans can be at a disadvantage. Reason being: Lack of Players.


well thats why clans should be sorted by member count and rank


So this is just going to be a more messier version of Arena?


Oh you’re serious? You lost me at “HTK vs LLYL” then I thought it was a joke when you said “Let the AI take over”





if the player is offline


In what world would that be a smart idea?


calm down winz. it was just a suggestion.


And I’m shooting it down. :gun:


hmm… still has support.


caleb is a newb to forums. Kribok is normie. Gorgon is being nice.


i dont think its gorgon being nice.