This guy is xp level 3 but has myths etc

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Yes thats an other part of all disaster :

Now cheating START again …

  • your example

Not possible with level 3.

  • my report

A player/account with level 142 from one week to the next (asa8742). I reported long ago, he still plays.

Not possible to get level 142 from one week to the next !



And what wonder, Korea and Japan flag, I saw in old verion also 1 account with Korea and one account with Japan flag, both cheated their stuff and played to Top10 for only 1 week !

Sure all a bad coincidence !



I have noticed several players that are very low level (under 40) but have 3 super powered mechs good enough to be top 3. But they are always low in the rankings maybe to not draw attention to themselves?
Remember when you report someone always include their unique number in the report.
I am using my number as the example so no one thinks I am accusing them of cheating lol.

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Igual me he topado muchos nivel bajo con items míticos maxeados XD!

No pue nivel 23 con esas cosas, sigo sin ver como es posible XD1

It’s part of some glitch that allows you to reset your level to 3. I am also trying to find out how it is being done.


Thank you for helping to catch the cheater !

Must be a very weird “”“bug”"" (<— the “” are very important) !

See actuell screenshot :


Take this please as official report :
what he do:
in other words:
he jump up and down with his player level between 3 and 23 (see both screenshots) to get the levelup rewards again and again !!!

He also have so so so much new BEST mythicals out of no-where from one day to the next !

Please investigate !


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You can also buy a mech on special price when you make a new account.

I’d like to see some of those offers the only offer I seen was the 1.00$ mech :cry:

When you have it, please tell me! :stuck_out_tongue:

A bug abuse is when you take advantage for you, if you do it just for fun, then it isn’t a bug abuse.

Please investigate the code of SuperMechs.

I am sure it is erroneous.

I need this guy to my Shiro Reforged :yum:

Jk Jk

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I am sure “Miron” can help you about that !


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He uses the cheated items/weapons to win battles.
He got them without paying or grinding for.
= bug abuse !

Or …

Do you think he only watch his “cheated” weapons and mechs the whole day !?
= Fun


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Dont see him before :thinking:

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There is a glitch, that shows the wrong lvl, it has nothing to do with exploit of bugs or other things.
EXP as tokens, and gold, are server based, that means they can’t be modified outside of the server.

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the server would raise the level with this amount of wins instantly. The fact that at the moment it is sawn out, leads to the suspicion, the more so as always no official answers are not given.

there is another player with this glitch “Yas” and it’s a Romanian player [quote=“bestplayerintheworld, post:3, topic:6414”]
Sure all a bad coincidence !

yes.[quote=“bestplayerintheworld, post:10, topic:6414”]
Thank you for helping to catch the cheater !


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I had the chance to get a 49.99 dollar mech it was all legendary


Here comes a psychologist and gets a party!