This guy is trying to force me to join his clan

Just ignore him lmao, kingfrozo is an annoying Global chat denizen

I that you do the technique of “I will join the day the universe is over” xD

so block him then :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

i’ve seen the “employee” guy before… pretty weak
you should ignore them both

Hahahahahahahahaaahahaha you thought that was elcent and you weren’t joking!

It’s an internet game chat.
No one can force you to do anything…
Just let him spam messages till he gets bored and stops or mute him directly.


@WinzKay just wanted to test him damn dude dont be mean

Did you just call me @Yeet ?

sorry my mind was some where else :disappointed_relieved:

No, he was saying “Damn you. YEEEETTTT!!!” :joy_cat:

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KNew iT!!! Actually thought that

Lol vag’s…just asking about clan. Im not kidding,they are ussles to me (except top clan) becuse you have nothing to do in here lmao.

I disagree.
There’s all kinds of things you can do in a clan,actually.

No prizes?No clan wars and some thing’s? Nah i think just chating is not only a good thing…(i only enter if i had friend’s.)

There’s clan boxes… you get a normal box for no.1, energy no.2, tokens no.3 and no.4 you get a bigger box

I don’t understand…can you send screnshot mate?

Week refreshed so the wins restarted but this week I guess we get a powerkit

10 PM

Second clan reward(200 wins) we get fuel for campaign (what I meant when I said energy), then 400 wins equa tokens, 1000 wins is something i forget

Oh ok,but still…Jesus my country is just killin pigs…D:

Spontaneous hidden message?

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