This good mech?

This is my mech55first mech but i got a question with my 1 mech and 2 mech its probably to get rank 2?

what make so i’m crazy with my builds

You get 10/10 for 5 rank

You have more room for that wepon.

Judging by the first one, I assume it’s a phys/heat counter only so get a nightfall in there over the second ani.

The other mech looks to be a phys/energy counter. Looks solid aside from the fact you need two more energy engines. Get rid of the boost for another energy/heat engine (two in total).

i will get rank 3 with full stars but i dont get rank 2 :confused:

The 2nd mech needs more colling not the first one

1st build switch anniversary with nightfall
Pretty darn solid builds mate