This game might not die just yet

It’s about SM. The game is dying. This game lost all it’s glory. The legacy times. The times when the game wasnt only p2w. The number of players is dropping. The chats are now ghost towns. All the bad weapons. The unbalanced oned. TS has taken it too far. Soon, this game will collapse.

So, im starting to play this game less. Now it makes me sick. This isn’t like the legacy times when i was addicted to the game. My clan is dying too. Who knows, i might even quit this game.

But this is it. If any TS developer sees this, you did a terrible job with this game. Thus was my childhood game. Look what happened to it now.

But anyways it’s too late. This game is destined to die. The developers can’t do anything now. Even if they could do, they wouldnt do anything cause’ they care only about money.

R.I.P supermechs






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I’m a bit tired of people complaining how p2w the game is - almost all games are p2w today. Life is p2w - we need to accept that.

Yes, I agree communication is horrible; I am trying to improve that behind the scenes now as we speak.

But if the game makes you feel bad, seriously consider quitting. Many old timers only play this game for nostalgia; it’s important to understand why you are playing today. Yes, I wish many things would be like they were in the past, but there are the times we live in now. We have tried voicing our opinion to no avail, so we are in this situation.

Yes, all games are destined to die, SM included. However, it is far from dead. It has ample years left in it at its current trajectory.


Some of the worst communication I’ve ever seen. I can’t recall the last time they actually communicated with their community about something.


I played a game where developers has zero communication with community. Never said anything, doing on their own. Considering SM as luxury comparing to that game.


Still gives them zero excuses for that kind of behavior. They’re ghosting the people that keep their game going

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Never said it’s fine, but it’s also not fair to call game dead when it’s not.


That is an exact copy of a previous post. Do you seriously think that’s a good strategy in an argument?


yknow if you are gonna complain that this game is p2w, maybe its a good reason frantic users are here to stop them from thinking they are such high commands

A dev: Last seen 2 months ago

“Oh no guys, the game is dying”


Well Sarah just replied to me today when she didn’t even have to so the communication isn’t the worst. It’s not excellent either but what can you do, you can only do so much with limited time and people.


Yes, we had communication on a DAILY base with SuperMechs developers once (around 3 years back), last 2 years it was reduced to about once in the week :exclamation:

Main developer is silent now close to 1/2 year :exclamation:

The developer we all heard most of … SilverBox … silent since many weeks :exclamation:

If you see this signs as positiv development of SuperMechs, feel free to have this opinion, but it does not change …


Some does not mean it is the worst communication. But everyone besides Sarah seems to be gone for the most part

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I can almost agree with besty for once lmao
Not 100% though

All i’m going to say about this is…

All things come to an end, death is inevitable and we have to accept it.

And hey, if there’s still people that don’t want the game to die, then of course it wont.

Sure, it’s not as popular as before but there will still be many years before it’s truly a ghost site.


Not so many people know that our devs work at multiple companies lol. (less time for SM)


How TS is treating SM in a shellnut


Nobody is saying that it is a positive step but it doesn’t mean the game is dying. The last big update was half a year ago and not every game can afford to have weekly updates like Fortnut especially not a browser/mobile game that’s ancient at this point. I enjoy the game greatly but if that’s not the case for you feel free to quit and leave anytime, I can tell the reason you’re being so negative is because you’re past your prime and can’t get over it :wink: