This game is so unfair

The game put me against a rank one which is bs. The game should put me again a rank 3 or a rank 4 not a rank one. A rank one is the highest rank in the game. Fix the system.

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What rank are you?

Rank 4. I was rank 3 earlier.

How many times were you paired with a rank 1?

This could happen if there wasnt too many people available

This is my first time but when I was rank 5 I battle a rank 2

You cant say its unfair because something bad happens once or twice. The matchmaking system works fine.


The fact that I had to fight a rank 6 when I was rank 8 about 3 times.

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Thats okay.


I’m in Rank 4 at the moment and I’m versing Rank 2’s on a daily basis. Around 40% of my battles is 2 -3 ranks higher than me.

Winz Kay don’t complain.

Be like Winz Kay.

In other words… stfu. There are many of these threads too


This is SuperMechs, Deal with it

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THE AMOUNT OF savage ness on this thread in insane!

suck it up mate, in ranks 1-6, you can be paired against a rank 1.If you are really pissed off, then quit.

True, Though why bitch out on a rank Difference? It’s a game, Grow up I say, Grow up Yes, I cussed pls don’t kill me XD

ran outa likes

Lol How’d you get that?

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Trust me.
I’ve meet Lesbian yt.

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you can always slap your credit card at the screen and watch all your problems solved , not gonna work if your bank account is empty

2 v 2 solved that issue remember?

At least, that was the reason they gave Grins.

? I said he was matched up with a higher rank because their was less people on