This game is pay to win


Can confirm P2W.

That being said, all the good parts will only get you to rank 2-3. Much skill required after that point, even with the best stuff.

To elaborate further: the best players are those who can, among other things:

  • use range to their advantage
  • spot weaknesses and exploit them
  • create designs that work together smoothly
  • manage their core stats.

None of these points require premium items to execute. A lot of F2Ps climb pretty high by mastering the strategy of this game.


your JUST now saying this??? this game has been a p2w game. theres an ass load of p2w items.


That is very true.


i am a f2p and i can tell you can trow the skill on the window when you are facing a magma spammer for example (if you don t have an energy mech which can counter those things)

it just does not matter XD that guy will still win even if he don t watch what he press


True, p2w guys with good inventories doing poorly, f2p guys with limited ones doing well. Both are a thing.
At equal skill set, the p2w will still be advantaged though.


I confess I’m a pay to LOSE.
I spend a little at the end of every month.I never got anything good from my purchases,so I spend the tokens mostly on refills to complete fusing,transforming and maxing my mechs.
Yes,I open a box or two just for the hang of it every time,but I am always left disappointed so I continue using the tokens for refills.Never once got to actually get something good and keep opening boxes.I stop at two.


xD! It’s a Roman circus where the gladiators die to entertain the nobles!

Thus looked, it is even immoral. But it´s true.

However, I would like to say something. Don´t think that the p2w take it so easy. There is a lot of competition between top clans and p2w players, so much competition that the fun factor among the top payers has been lost.

Honestly, I see that players on the lower ranks have more fun.


I did not say that it is “easy”, did I?
I just said they have better chances to get powerful items which entertains them and makes it “easier” than non-paying players usually have it.
So TS cannot give out an absolute advantage as then all free players would leave cause they had no chance against paying players.
And once only (or at least mostly only) paying players would be left there would not be any advantage for the players paying a little cause the other more paying players would have the advantage.
Hence those little paying players would leave.
Afterwards the medium paying players would leave in turn for the same reason and finally with no players paying less than them the heavily paying players would leave.

Therefore such and absolute advantage cannot be given.
But an advantage like the premium box/premium pack only release powerful L-M items which paying players have higher chances to get still makes it easier for paying players cause they have more chances to get those items.

That is the point I meant.

And that is also the point the opening posts was about cause paying players he met in PvP had all those fancy items while he is stuck not getting any of those items from his drops.

So my comment was meant to explain that it is only natural for TS to do so as any other company does it, too, cause they offer their services to earn money after all.


nah sm is like pay2sometimes win

thx 2v2


You’re not wrong. The magma Shower is virtually unbeatable without premium items, especially plates/res.

And Lord Gorgon is also correct, having the best stuff helps a ton :sunglasses:


hold ye horses magical man



looks like someone hit puberty.


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