This game is pay to win


I can’t get good because I don’t have op p2w items like claw and spartan and op res modules n plat plates or op valiant snipers or bunkers

100% guarantee that if you had 10 of every l-m in the game with no skill you could still reach rank 1

Who agree with me that dis game is p2w

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dev team rn



ugandan chungus


Sugnuhc chunguS


Chuganda ungus :eyes:




Lmao I saw the title and was like WOW DID YOU JUST REALISE? looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Welcome to insert current year model of micro transactions.

Really though, you can thank the P2W model on Microsoft. They started this shit back in 2005, and with the rise of the mobile phone game market it rocketed out of control. I do miss the days of paying a one time price upfront and being able to purchase a complete and finished game instead of what we have today, buggy glitchy beta versions being released as gold and then being forced to buy the rest of the game in chunks as “expansions” and “bonuses”.



In case you did not realize this here is a simple classification done by many companies:

  • You give money to the company. = You are a customer.
  • You do not give money to the company. = You are part of the product to be sold to customers.

So for TS that means the customers are paying players and the companies paying for the ads.
Any player who does not pay money to TS on the other hand is a part of the product as in

  • to amuse the paying players as opponents and
  • to be used as audience for the ads paid by the companies.

The part about being made to watch ads is covered by granting the free players some bonus reward like tokens or increased gold etc. which TS can provide and create without any costs for them.

The part about amusing the paying players is done by making really strong items that you can almost certainly only get by paying money for the game.
This gives the paying players an advantage over most of the non-paying players and hence makes the game more enjoyable for the paying players.
Beause it makes the game easier and the feeling of “success” stronger it also encourages the paying players to continue to pay money to keep that status and that feeling of “achievement” and “success”.


Red dead redemption 2 mate

The most finished game to ever be finished


I’ll tell you this now, because I been playing for the longest time on and off. I know the game through out. If you just started a new acct 5 months ago, you have pay to play this game now.


This is a great flaw.

Top Players are skilled as heck, no matter their opponent’s items lol


I don’t care much even when this game really is a p2w game I still want to become strongest f2p player.


That dream is far far off into the future…or maybe it won’t come because you’ll leave SM before that time comes


Close enough :b
Actually I can become strongest f2p player right today if I have 2 claws, 2 valiant snips 1 bunker shell
And some other stuff that I know it’s close impossible to earn with a normal f2p like me :b


Very hard to judge. That f2p challenge guy had help, and on my main, I have broke down and spent a hundred bucks or so. I could claim my main was f2p and no one would be the wiser. Kind of weak, and as this game escalates more to the p2w realm (which I dont think anyone can argue that it has) it gets harder and harder to tell. Is it lucky? Is it someone paid a thousand bucks for parts. No one knows. There are folks at 8-10 that have stellar parts. It looks like they obviously paid for them, but how can you prove either way?


Im a pay to win player. There is a craving to the success, high ranks and its even greater because os a YT channel etc

What if you are a player that did not pay to win and they have adblocker on, how does the company profit now?


Umm… yeah we all know it…

Yeah :b
9.5/10 points :v


@Chicken_Drink two images to answer you: