This game is a mess, courtesy some people at the top


Okay guys, the current era at F2 was to be a four player event as decided by admin Joe. But as we placed our colonies, we noticed we could have five blokes instead of four and so we went accordingly. Then suddenly, Admin Joe comes back after a long inactivity, sees that things were messed up, courtesy his end and he announces that he will kick a random player if teams didnt revert to the rules drawn initially. Wow.

So, we had to kick a member out, so did two another alliances but some haven’t and the teams that have stayed with five members are making a killing and Admin Joe is nowhere to be seen after making his ultimatum. Dude we kicked an active member out who had already boosted in game and had invested countless hours, we did it because we had to cover for your goof up and now you’re conveniently missing.

I’ll withdraw my little purse from this game after this era. If we can’t decide on the numbers in alliance when it is already tick 200, then this game is gone to the heaps.


That sucks man , admin should refund tokens to players who lost their tokens due to Joes fault and then he forced a new rule and didnt implement it on all players and teams.

  • Yes return their tokens
  • No its fine

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Way too many ■■■■ ups…


Its just one of thousand things Joe has done and keep doing, but noone do anything about it idk why, dude is inactive as hell and do his job so bad.

Yet there are ppl who defends him. :smiley:


Maybe most of you shouldnt have invited a 5th


Maybe Admin should make sure ingame mechanics match what he wants when a round starts. To 200 ticks later force alliances to kick a contributing/boosting member instead of acknowledging the mistake and easily allowing the round to continue as a 5 man shows just how short sighted some choices are.

I would ask for compensation if I was either one of the 5th kicked or an alliance on the other side of 5man alliances after the ultimatum.


Admin Joe tends to do everything wrong…he banned me wrongly and never even read my message after 2 weeks, I had to contact other admins. He releases relics wayyy later than he promises, too. Sucks to see f2 got messed up :confused:


Make me an admin tacticsoft


admin feedback needs to be a real thing, else such things will only keep repeating with less attention given each time.

p.s i stopped playing every world of joe after i found his late responses annoying.


As per what i am told , Joe realized his mistake and refunds were made.