This game has no flaws in it whatsoever


There’s nothing wrong in this game ! It’s perfect and amazing ! First there’s the Reload which was the BEST choice ever ! Second is the Face Shocker which SHOCKED The community with it’s Strength and Common drop rates, Third is the amazing idea of adding EMP and Heat Bomb which they NUKED The competition ! and don’t forget the Portal “Buff” It’s amazing on how much amazing Ideas TS comes up with !

Yes this is sarcastic


Nice sarcasm though.

Not sarcasm


Of all the items in the game it’s the face shocker you chose for your snarky self indulgent rant?

The face shocker is great, and I don’t much like your insinuation sir.


You forgot how much we hated 1v1 and 3v3 and how the devs have saved us by forcing 2v2 onto us!
Great memories,I would live them again :slight_smile:


How about cuted power in pve? Or how about useless l-m items? They make game so tactical and free( kill me plz)


Oh I am truly sorry, But I just think that, It’s only my opinion and one’s opinion does not matter yes?

I’m being serious