This game going to be trash


first of all, I have been playing this game for a very long time, but what you are doing with thís game are totaly nonsense.

  1. colors are gone - why?
  2. ranking list - noone knows how it works, noone can see why he or she is on curent position - and what is weirdest - order of the highest clans is almost the same
  3. bugs - during playing this game I havent saw so many mistakes, lags like during last year
  4. stages are prepared for players who are predestinated for winning
  5. stages stuck, countdown is red and I am not able to do anything - I lost my game - why? - ths happend me 2 times during last 30 minutes

I like thist game but I am really prepared to left it

  1. Color kits are removed by accident. Will be introduced later in future updates.
  2. When you defeated a player who has higher rank than you then you will get into higher rank. If the player has lower rank than you then you will accumulate little to no rank at all. Then Vice versa :slight_smile:
    3.Bugs we’re caused by the new updates like the new UI
    5.Probably your internet connection is unstable

  1. this is only bullshits, where is coefficient or something, how can I trust that my position is true? I can not see every players who are on list and demonstrate that you are right
  2. only another bullshits - UI during playing with another players? comeon7
  3. stages - bonus sites, distance betwen players and another, these thinks are prepared for choosen players
  4. are you trying tell me, that each of my computers and each of my providers are not able to have stable connection - another bullshits

by your answer you are telling me that there is nobody who is able to answer me correctly


Watch your language dude :no_mouth:


I know that my english is not perfect, I am not native speaker - anythink alse?

And I am not your dude


Ok chill


I agree.

Ranking list is bull crap. Say if you have 100 wins and 15 losses and another have zero wins and zero losses, they are above you.

Bugs, I still experience and I feel that opponents do also. Battle freezes in the of them. I feel like my opponent has that problem also.


The ranking list is a big pile of male cow dung.

The game has a lot of BUGS.

The “Stages” might refer to the place where we do battle. And he might be referring to the Buff Pads that are present in some of them. This is highly random. You may or may not get something that may help you or your opponent in battle. It just adds to the strategizing. Luck plays a large role, too.

You may have experienced “server lag”. It is not your connection that has the problem… It’s the game hating you. :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding)


I have had 3 times frozen screen, for 3 times lost game, this is not normal, I am still loosing my position because of this.

My contribution is here for 18 hours - without any serious answer or explane, guys there you are doing really greate job. If I work as you do, I will be unemployed - that is for sure. And by the way super mechs still owes me proximitely 100 tokens. For now it is about 4 months. Still without any answer.


@qmm hi! Would be happy to talk to you. I will send you a message.


OK today I logged into game via facebook at 06:20 without any problém, now at 10:37 it is problem with logging into game via facebook: Client is not up to date, please clear internet temporary files, I cleared it, without any efect, still same problém. browser is up to dated - still same problém - really good job


overweigh problem, my mech is absolutly without any equipment but weight id 552 -why?

and ofcourse I lost my builded mech and its equipment - really good job

can you see it? this game is only one big issue

After refreshing I saw this:

But this is not my mech, I did not created it - where is mine? When I go to the whorkshop it is again overweight - why? I did not do this mech

and issues like these happend to my everydays


Another really good bug:

As you can see I have accomplished all daily missions, but the last is not completed, why?, so by this way I am loosing tokens, and again as I will hear noone is responsible as many time before - good job


Was this after a refresh? Sometimes you need to do this in order for it to register.
If not, please write into our support team from the in-game form. It sends us your log so it is easier to investigate.


yes it was after refresh



Regarding the bugs, I have been corrected enough by doing the following: 1. remove all google chrome from my laptop and download it again. 2. I updated the flash player. 3. Clean the cookies at least 2 times a day.

But I think the worst thing that is happening to this game right now is that there are a lot of hackers, so no matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to beat them. I am a clean player, I cannot compete with hackers.