This Game, Dictatorship or democracy? 🗽

Every time a user makes a post, he talks about the work of the team supermechs, or refers to the work done, block or delete.

:statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty: :statue_of_liberty:

What did they do this forum for? Perhaps they do not accept the opinion of those who are later asking for support to try out their new mistakes “updates”

If there is no freedom of expression, and free of opions and judgments then I do not see the sense to segir participating in this circus called SUPERMECHS FORUM


yes it is true!!!

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triste mente es así, si reclamas por tu dinero también igual te banean por conveniencia, que es todavía peor y menos tolerado pero “Kig es la excepción de la moneda”

Yes, quite a shame really.

You have no business being a developer of anything if you’re not willing to take any criticism, constructive or otherwise.

They don’t care bout us… They just made Tacticsoft forums to mock us of our stupidity… And how much we complain…

20 character limit…

It’s fine at first but as longer it goes it becomes more uncivil to the point of threats and threatening behaviour.

I find these on some closed topics or flagged comments.


No siempre pero es lo que hay XD!

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Heh, I always find these posts amusing actually.
For 1, it is a privately owned forum, so tacticsoft can actually delete and ban for ANYTHING they deem fit :slight_smile: It’s like telling someone they can’t do whatever they want on their own website (yes they really can). Try out the Square Enix forums sometime (final fantasy). I used to be on there all the time, and they have a ZERO tolerance policy. You cuss at someone in forum, perm ban from forums, no ability to argue or be reconsidered. You post negative posts about the game, it’s deleted and you are warned. If you do it again, perm ban with zero ability to get back (as you have to pay for account, you would need to BUY another account if you wanted to rejoin forum). So if you think we’re bad, try joining some bigger forums owned by big companies. We’re actually QUITE lenient. But that is beside the point.

Basically put, follow the rules and we’ll not interfere :slight_smile: If you post criticism of the game, we will honestly not interfere unless PEOPLE in the topic become unruly (and it often happens). Posts that are meant to get someone banned are not meant for the forums. You must email [email protected] for those. The forums are not the official means to report cheaters. Their work email is. Ban appeals are not to be done on the forums. Those are to be done between the individual banned and the admin whom banned them in private.

Posts that serve NO positive purpose for the community are removed. Hence, posting things saying “SM sucks! Don’t bother playing the game everyone!” are removed. If you were to say something like, “I’m extremely disappointed in the direction the game has gone and I think there are ways to solve these issues, let’s discuss what needs to be fixed” we will honestly not touch it. Discussion and criticism are fine. RANTING is not. We want our forums here to be a fun and positive environment. We understand some negativity will come and we will accept that. BUT, negativity only breeds more negativity. Overall, we want this forum to be a happy place for all whom share it. No one wants to join a forum community if all they see if “THIS GAME SUCKS” and “I HATE SO AND SO” as the latest forum topics. Those topics also turn our current user’s off and make them not want to stick around as well. It simply breeds a more negative vibe and we all want a nice fun place to enjoy here.

So, you can continue complaining and ranting (and having those posts removed) or you can make a post looking for change in a positive manner. Up to you folks really :slight_smile: