This drone, bring it back in the game


Hi, @Sarah247 @Mohadib.

I would like to ask you to make this drone obtainable in the game. The stats are up to you, just ensure it can reach mythical (because most players would not use items that can’t reach myth)

SIDE NOTE: This is a legacy item. I do not own it for those who misunderstood


Is this a prank?


nice legacy item meng


Yea, this is a legacy item. I’m asking them to bring it back.




i remember some useing that drone in pvp once i did not screen shot it about 2 days ago


Yea, I found it from a dude in global chat. Don’t remember his name.

It’s my favorite drone. I sure hope that they bring it back.


it is a pretty cool drone my favorite was sparky or spark i for got what it was called


They will never reintroduce a legacy item, stop opening these useless topics


A little spark of hope wouldn’t hurt, aight?


And fyi, they DID reintroduce legacy items, but made changes to them.
Examples are:
-Mighty cannon (Legacy: Orb Cannon)
-Crimson Rupture (Legacy: Lava Spray)

And so on.


was that a pun for my favorite drone




Actually,I’d like to see Apocalypse back again.
And the counterparts to Devouring Paws.


was my favorite gun and also the saurisrifle


One remake like this type of drones?

Maybe legendary transformation

And myth


I would :heart: to see a new version of …

… for SuperMechs reloaded :exclamation:




is that the dino gun i think i used to use it before the saurisrifle the bottem ones i saw some one useing those phy weapons on the bottem


I miss the old weapon designs. I want the Apocalypse to return. =( One of my favorite top weapons.