This could have been useful back then

If you have not completed the campaign and have that drone…

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U got the gold from the glitch?

LOL I already wanted a healer Drone, NOW I REALLY WANT ONE. dank

Not to abuse anything though.

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Lol Erik, you’re a genius

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No, I just defeated the previous buggy and mech.

Getting gold from a glitch is I L L E G A L. But then again, so is crossing the border without proper documentstion and living in someone else’s country. But that’s been okay’d by liberals. So i guess getting gold from glitch is a-ok

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Sure, why not? It’s like how you can’t smoke crack but you can smoke bath salts, and that’s pretty much the same thing. (Trust me, I know from exprience :wink: )

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No it was not, after about 10 quits or so the system displayed the battle end results with 0 income, 0 exp, brought you back to the campaign map, and bam, you were screwed. But the energy points were gone. Soooo, tried that, did not work… But the concept per se was nice, don’t you think?

LMAO not even close to the same thing as you can smoke or do whatever you want, if you’re willing to pay the consequence.
Bath salts these fools are smokin are for external use. Swallow some rat poison you’ll get high too.

Crack is for internal use as it comes from a plant and is pharmaceutical.

Marion Barry smoked crack all the time, got caught and now he’s getting a monument while they rip down all other monuments like Washington, Lincoln etc…
thanks to the scumbag liberals who support rapists and child molesters. :rage: :rage: :rage:

HELL NO, I converted my 3 repair drones for stupid energy kits :frowning:

Lol that’s actually a pretty funny way to complete a mission. :slight_smile:


And pretty timewasting.