This cancer need nerf!


Im sure youd still have peeps complaining about it.

“Sm community”


as part of the “sm community”, I would like to petition for a LordGorgon nerf.

effective immediately.



Well that weapon over there is re-skined. New weapon soon?


Self nerfing myself lately.
By simply making a fool of myself demonstrating poor skills in elec building.

Lemme go loose a fee battles.


en builds aren’t meant to be… I’ve not seen a decent energy rounded unlike heat and phys.

Energy’s sole purpose is to counter


Those attempts are meant to counter counters. Hence (failed) rounding.


counter counters? Kinda hard when counters come in both phys and energ… oh I see




Same as mine, inflicted only 79 damage. That RNG though.


That Dino Rifle. Oh, who still has Saurus Rifle, has 47-62 damage, also a LEG legacy item?