This cancer need nerf!


Frantic brute is way to OP. Either i am unlucky and get +600 damage all time or this thing is bugged. What you all think about frantic? Yes its good for raid but for PVP unfair!


no frantic brute don’t need nerf you are just unlucky i encountered today a guy with a frantic brute and the 2 uses of frantic brute did around 110 damage


I would like to see you having battle with 2 frantic brute mechs :slight_smile:



Zero strategy, zero skill.
All luck. Why not just build a mech with 2 Mercy and 2 Frantic brute… total dice roll.
Legacy gem…


There is also a weapon called Sniper Rifle that does exactly 54 damage. The name is pretty specific, LOL.


lol … yesterday I faced one of those (frantic). It was very blackie … The first time my opponent used it, gave only 75 damage, the second time 36 … For now I would not use it for pvp mech.


me too i’m unlucky against those frantic players , they always do +500




And Antares and Perfume, etc, have fixed amount of damage


My favorite weapons in legacy eee


this weapon doesn’t need a nerf, it needs to stop existing


I used to run two of them on my mech…




It was great back then.


Is that machine gun the Gau?


Sometimes its good, sometimes it not, your luck…


I took a break for a week. Every fight was against this weapon! Each shot was over 600 damage. Of the 30 shots, this weapon inflicts at least 2 times the minimum, all other strikes inflict 600-800 units.

I agree, this thing should not exist!


Frantic needs a buff.
Same arguments, different outcome.


It needs a Nerf

1-2 Phys Damage