This an insane idea but add ultra tokens to sm


so basicly you cant by them with money like the regular tokens they only can be earn in special events and the ultra token sm war

how to earn them
the ultra token sm war
events like maybe a portal or somthing

the ultra token sm war is when you go through 10 levels of all the sm war made up of all the bosses from the sm campagin equipped with different weapons

then what to spend them on this might be crazy but you can get a 50% chance of getting one legendary the other 50% chance is for epics it takes 75 ultra tokens to get the box but if yo get am legendary the next 3 boxes will have a 25% chance of giving you a legendary, then after 2 days the % will go back up to 50% then the cycles will start again


  • great perfect as it is i agree with you put it into sm
  • still needs fixes but great idea
  • Nope
  • needs further explianing

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this was a lot of typing :sweat:


A 3rs currency?
Please no.
Actually,fourth if you add the arena shop’s points.

Sorry,but…So what?


i just though of it when i was eating dinner just one of those big thoughts i have
plus i am not used to typing a lot like you guys
thats also why i put insane idea


There is one GIANT flaw in your idea:

TacticSoft cannot make any profit out of those “Ultra Tokens” because they are not for sale for money.

So since TS cannot make any profit out of it you are asking them to create content that will not give them anything in return.
That isn’t gonna happen as a company always works to GAIN MONEY!

Also your idea of increased drop rates from boxes could be easily created without “Ultra Tokens” in a way that TS would get a profit from it.
TS could simply add a special sale in premium shop like:
“Increased drop rates for the next 5 purchased premium boxes within 24 hours:
chance for legendary item increased by 5% - 100 tokens
chance for legendary item increased by 15% - 200 tokens
chance for legendary item increased by 30% - 350 tokens
chance for legendary item increased by 50% - 500 tokens”

The same for premium packs but with double the price.

That way TS can gain profit and players can decide if that additional chance would be worth the extra token costs.


oh #### i never thought of that


Watch your language 13 year old boy

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is that better winz more better i think


Yes. Good boy




“Special Brennankawamura intellect level up badge”

“This exclusive badge for Brennankawamura is granted when he finally used symbols in a sentence”




what ever winz i said it was insane


by the way winz i am not a damn dog


here are some sprites


or they can get only one of them in each events