This amount of points possible in a raid?


Well before I want to say that I am 2 days behind in the raid but well people say that the limit is 2,000 or something like that but this is possible?


As far as I know different raids have different point caps.


Also by accident yesterday I left the raid halfway, so that halfway through the game I removed the game and I do not know if the game thought I had won 2 battles in a battle maybe that’s why I got that amount


It is most likely 1 raid.

After raid 1+2 the max score was 3816 combined.
After raid 1-5 perfectly done the combined max score was 19236.
So for raid 3-5 the combined max score is 19236 - 3816 = 15420.
Hence an average max score of 5140 points with raid 3-4 below that and raid 5 above it.
Therefore 4000 points are a valid score for raid 4.


I didn’t copy the link to another post but can someone please hurry up and give this late person the link because I’d say this is like the tenth post about raids


I do not know anything about the forum and less about the raid xD