Things that need to Add/Fix


i have to say that i love almost all the designs of the game, but!, theyre things that are in more need of atention than just making the game pretty

1 Facebook link
Seriously why we have it? you cant do anything more than save your acc with it
when you see a Fb link on a game it means you can complete some social tasks invite your friends and see your friends to find them easy
we dont have anything of this:
-Friends list
-Invite Friends
-Rewarded social tasks like inviting friends liking the page sharing a post

2 Friends code its broken
i see theres still the friends reward code but theres any place to paste it so fix the broken line or remove it

3 Broken physicals
just a little nerf for them theyre lighter and deal a lot of hp dmg and resistance drain so just add a +5 bullets/missiles consume to them and would be enought

4 Color kits
I know theyre comming just put it here to remember that this is needed


Gift codes isn’t really that good since they replaced the reward ( which was 1 gold box ), when finished, a silver box.


xD thats like giving us a mix+2 box
dont worth the time wasted convincing my friends
i guess thats all that we get right?

i mean would be ok if this would be like this
A friend reach lvl 15=1 silver box
A friend reach lvl 30=1 gold box
3Friends reach lvl 15=1 gold Box
3Friends reach lvl 30=1 mythical box/2 gold boxes
that means getting 3 silver boxes 4/6 gold boxes and 1 mythical box


They would simply create multiple accounts though this can be only exploited by users with multiple devices.


3 codes… no more i dont see the problem other games give you even more than what i say, theyre starting and receieve a large ammount of support from players, being too stingy its something bad for a non popular game you know