They Stole my Account

Hello people today Today they stolen my SuperMechs account, I do not know who it could be, The name is ™ Alex 2.0 ™.

Here is a photo whit him the last time when i have it PLS help me: c!

Photo does not work for me, try uploading it on forum normal

ok im going to try bro but i cant belive it

Don’t give your username and password to anyone

i dont give it
i dont know how they steal it

Wait…So,you stole your own account?
Seriously,it’s pretty hard to understand…

Since you’re such a nice dude and have experience in recovering accounts,mind helping out this poor dude,too?
Thanks for the time!

I’ve seen that mech before…

are you sure you havent said your username and password?
i’ve never heard of people being able to steeal accounts without those

was an error bro chill im deseperate

and yes im very sure i dont givent mi username and password

well then… this is scary
i wonder how they’re hacking now

i dont now but i need mi acc

Can you not request to change your password when trying to login?
Then the notification for a password change should arrive in your email account.

And with that you can then change your password and log in again.

After all login name and email address should still be the same for your account.

Or is it possible to change those somewhere?
I never saw any option to change email adress or login name at least.

i dont change it bro

There’s no need to be.
Help is on the way,buddy.
Please,try to forget about it as you wait just a little bit longer.

It will be sorted out.

thanks if you can help me

The person whomade this thread is stupid.

Can you read the red text in the chat?

All this is nonsense. Lately I read more and more often people saying ‘they stole my account but I don’t gave my ID and pass to anyone’.
We’ll, as far as I know, that’s bullshit.
Easy check: how only noobs lose their accounts this way? If there was a way to steal people accounts I’m sure top clan players accounts would be stolen and not those random people ones, which aren’t even worth the effort :sweat_smile:


It’s because of easy passwords like your own username or a variation on it…