They should add a trading system


Bois need trading system soon


A trading system would be good but there are a bunch of problems arises if it is added
And the worst thing would be the players with multi-accounts
If it is implemented then they would need to remove free Gold Boxes
Then Non-spenders would not be able to get Mythicals


one problem behind “trading system” is that each player can receive limited amount of myphicals withim first days (with energy system, probably weeks) - and then his myphicals amount raises quite slowly. By adding trading, you will encourage players to create alt accounts which will then trade all their myphicals onto main acc. This cannot be prevented, as some amount of players already have multiple extra accounts and devs will NOT drain myphicals from them.


I think u should bring back the colouring function


one solution is to limit the trading system to those with ultra supporter status.


Why would ultra supporters need Trading system :joy:


Because some ultra supporters don’t have all the items they want/need :joy:


Does that really happen to ultra supporters


Yes it does. I’ve been around for a long time and opened my fair share of paid boxes. I still wish I had more of certain items and would like a way to get rid of others.


i agree if there wore something to trade i would do it so its not available for trades within one acc by that i men trande usless weapons for sm and mythicals for tokens not trading items with any pearson


could be opening a can of worms here…but hey, it’s an open discussion so here goes - a trading system could also allow veteran players to trade the extra duplicate myths they have for low level items which they no longer have access to since the shop changed…such as mk 1 shields, teleports and the like. There I said it. Also, for this to work it would have to be within the context of a game free of hackers etc.