They said it a while ago, but still nothing

Is gone over 3 months, but still, there isn’t any ‘‘special Game Event’’. Seriously???

  • Yup, this sucks, they should add a ‘‘special Game Event’’
  • I don’t even care…
  • I don’t even care, this game is dead…

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@sarah247 @Mohadib @Elcent

I imagine they could make a mythical a grand prize or something? eg a big contest where the winner gets 1 mythical of their choosing or a lucky winner gets to design a new gun and gets the mythical version of it.

Doubt it would be in game where they give away hundreds of them.

Also receiving a mythical is kind of useless if it doesn’t work with your build. It can only be used to boost another item, not used as a legendary to upgrade.

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Again it would be the P2w players who win the contest and get the prize no use for F2P players