They raised the claw weight

now it is 150 kg

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no…wait… I don’t have a claw


I’m wondering, what if you don’t go to the workshop but dirrectly to the campaign or arena with a build that is now overweight ?

Wtf? How many time will I need to rebuild it lol!

But yeah it was op…


it will say mech is not ready…go to workshop

Any move on the HP? DMG?

and please change the legendary spartan’s weight to 51

Dunno, I’ll bring the max myth stats soon, can you check in your workshop Lord please ? ^^

I don’t think so.I still have the same hp,and it still has the same dmg.

THE CLAW(L)-------------------- (109), 0 Move, 860 HP, 226-314 PysDmg, 1 Push

HP 860 (no changes) . DMG 226-314 (i dont remember this one so dont know if changed or not).

It’s the same ^^[spoiler]


This text will be blurred


Nerfed* to 150 kg…

Ummmmm…I’m faster.which is why this thread exists.

Are you sanic?
If you arent…
Then you are hax lol
It wasnt suppose to be grammar just because it’s a joke.

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very frustrating, i m realy thinking to stop playing

What’s frustrating ?

This is a good change from 106 kg. 106 kg + 860 HP = Bloody nonsense.

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150kg for 860hp is still a non sense… But a lesser one :joy: