They exaggerated with gold

First of all, I took the captures of Kig Blinc’s channel. <3

As we all know, merging and improving costs us money … But they surpassed, they have to lower it a bit or remove that.
That makes it almost impossible to improve our items (Unless you are a Little lost your lost and you have won Coins before and you had millions, there if there is no problem)
As a user a little advanced in time, I never saw something that hurt so much to SM, they have to do something.

This topic has already been published several times, so I emphasize it as user tired of it.

  • Lower the amount of gold.
  • Completely remove that “Improvement”
  • Leave it as it is.

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@Tomatiico I had to download Gyazo to take the captures xdxd :v

tbh you can just farm coins… there is also there is also the 4x money for the first 5 online fights soo