They called me a madman (and they were right)

So I just made this mythical, and it’s the last mythical on my first mech. Nothing new or interesting, just thought I’d share my insanity.


Never seen that one mythed out.

Cool stuff.


i haz school computer so the pic is blocked. what myth is it?

It’s Advanced Teleporter. I was making a full max myth mech and this is the last myth I need.

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Madman to fellow madman, that’s cute.

Fuse 2 myths and I’ll consider.

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noice my dude. btw, i love ur name lol

I’m a little confused. Wut?

Also nice profile pic

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Thanks. Unfortunately, I can’t speak the Chingo Lingo that well.

Thanks, and I meant that a madman is talking to you right now.

edit : btw that name tho

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HAHAHAHAHAHAH omg that is amazing. btw, BIG BIG CHUNGUS BIG CHUNGUS BUG CHUNGUS should be your theme song.

No, I meant by “Fuse 2 myths.”

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Yes, that’s what I did… +4.

And on purpose.

Oh. I’m kind of dumb.

Stand by as I kill myself for dishonoring the family.

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Thas alright, you’re gonna be a good madlad like me… Even though I regret fusing one of the myths I fused lmao

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stand by as i go commit toaster bath

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also stand by as i go commmits scooter ankle

Frequently bought together: Ladder and rope

… yes… yes… the plan is all coming together

Fuse a divine into a common-rare item

You’re late to the party ma guy

I did that LONG ago on my physical build for two reasons, and I still not regreted it (altho I haven’t played in a while, still)

Reason one: I wanted a full mythical myth mech (in the limit of possibility, maxed epic counterpart of premium modules/utilities
Reason two, and the main one: a maxed mythical TP would have (and it did) increased my K/D ratio X)

But ye, still nice to see someone mythical a one-use TP