These smurfs are getting outta hand

i understood your pain now @L4K3 , these bloody smurfs are all over rank 5 6 7 matches , making this tier is not much difference from the rank 1 matches


Aren’t smurfs people who have mechs with 2 or 3 elements on their mechs ?

Only Hell Shark is using one phys mech on it’s heat mech, and I could understand why…

That and also the ones that stay at lower ranks when they’re not supposed to.

There are actually 3 types of smurfs:

  • The type that packs any weapon of any element on their build and still wins
  • The strong one with a lowered rank
  • The one that does both (although these cases are very rare as the first type of smurf does not advance,is just stuck because of the improper build and the other type just stays at a moderate rank)
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And guess what!
Once they add the EMP,you’ll see every build have one of these!

The EMP is going to send us all to the slaughterhouse.


not really , its more like a poorman’s version of the valiant snipers , i mean it drains atleast 288 energy at maxed + shop boosts though 300 energy drain would be devastating

Meow no…

I still want to see how the EMP will be somewhat “balanced”…
Maybe draining Way (It would be a path or an autoroute at this point :joy_cat:) less than Heat Bomb heats mechs (hostile and ally)

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Man…As long as it’s gonna drain more than a Valiant or even just as much as a Valiant,no way it’ll be balanced.It will breaks us.

You see,this is actually a possibility of 90%.
Regarding Face Shocker,an E-M drone that deals just as much as Windforge,a L-M drone,this is pretty much a given.
And I fear the next update.


Me too…even if I try to be here each update to collect of all items XD

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Im ok with this apparently , since everybody are getting OP weapons as they are E-M items , since heat bomb’s release , the heat cap modules are now more valuable , more skills are needed instead of stacking L - M items on your mech and become a god
411797628792340481 INFINITE POWER411797628792340481

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But good Cap Modules are premiums…and F2P ones stop at epic…

But those items are NOT premiums…

Yeah man,but the gameplay in general will go in another direction.
My counter to heat (with no energy mods) will be useless,especially regarding smurfs that will pack one of these due to it’s OP draining.And not just me.
That’s not right.

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THAT is the point I cant really say it or else im getting suspended for 2 days again

By the way,keep in mind that the EMP has the potential to kill top builds.I’m talking about heaters and physicals in general.We will be doomed.

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well , guess this is the time for the underpowered heat mechs to rise again , i mean as you can obviously see how overpowered the spartan carnage mercy and claw mechs are running all over the top ranks right now

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But soon,it will be the EMP,just you wait.
Though I’m happy that my heat opponents will actually stand a chance against me.

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I beat two Smurfs I feel happy then I hit them and … :sob:

That’s what you get for sending us to slaught