There needs to be trading allowed in the arena

so people can get rid of unwanted junk and get better stuff from other people

Please feel free to see one of these topics:

And many more :confused: It is the most requested feature and seems to come up every other week.

Sadly this will probably never be implemented as people would exploit it and use it to trade items with themselves.

Best thing to do is just boost with what you don’t want and keep hitting the item portals for epics


if there more maps and boss

There’re also other ways to abuse it. Like creating a new account and putting all your items from your current mech in. Then you go in to ranked and one hit random mechs.

Another scam type: you create your first account, maxx it to, say level 50 to get some boxes for upping, and pull out all items to a new account, and so on, and so forth… Outcome: you never hit level 50+, and get access to a shittone of premium boxes. Unlimited access. Or make it even faster, up your level to the first box, see what you get, if it is a legend, stop playing, and pull to a new account. Create a loop and voilla, another LastoftheWilds…

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There are items portals ? I only heard about about Gold Portals those days…

Items portals are about once a month or so. They give a good drop rate of epics and occasionally legendary however they are slightly harder than gold portals.


Wait, your talking about the NEW item portals ?


yep, they are good portals, but that "slightly harder " is a bit of an understatement.
The Insane lvls on them, well they are actualy quite INSANE! Top tier mechs get shreed there sometimes.

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oh, those…drop rates are same in them for me X.X

But I thought you were talking about portals who give good items, but without introducing new one…

I think a way to balance trading is to only allow the same rarity to be traded, for example:

If i want to trade and get a legendary I will have to give away a legendary, same with common, rare, epic, and myth.

Legendary for legendary, common for common and myth for myth

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And maybe…If I am to trade my lvl-1 legendary for your lvl-40 legendary,why don’t I compensate using a couple other items,like some good epics or such?