There needs to be a clan battle feature


A friend of mine sayed that he would like to have a clan battle feature were a few members of a clan fought another clan, and there would be rewards for the clan that won. Just an idea.

  • There should be a clan battle feature.
  • There should not be a clan battle feature.

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you know how hard it is just to get into a clan… How would you get everyone together. It would break the server… Nice try… That wouldn’t work out… You would be wasting your time…


Again, you need to put a single chose lol


Counterargument: Answer me this simple yes-or-no question: Will the next word you say be no?


that’s the best i’ve heard in a long time!!!


Where were you on the forum all this time?
This topic has already been talked about.
Please do not create the same topic over and over again.


i just created my forum account about a month ago


I created mine on december 28 and you created yours on dec 12…
There have been like 2 threads on this same topic already…
One was made by Elcent as well


sorry did not see them


It is easy to get into a clan, just ask someone that is online


That’s the issue with most newbies’ posts…


wait 58 and 61? Can Tacticsoft even count???


(laughing my F’’‘ing d’’‘mn s’’'ting a** off)