There; mythicals available summarized


i save summarized as much mythical items i saw .atleast we don’t have to keep scrolling and searching.
i will add an index shortly. the images are not all of the same size.also i added background colur for the ease of viewing


download to your phone/computer for easily planning your upgrade/fuse


Thank you for your effort; I can go die happy now :smile:


it was just copy pasting from 2 posts.took nearly3 hrs


No ultra bright


always wanted something like this


U have the jpeg


do you have ultrabright. i have one but it is not mythical now



thank you. but the idea of this post is that we don’t have to keep scrolling down for several minutes and search. let us keep the post “the maxed mythicals list” as the main one for uploading mythicals and i will copy it from there to here for easy reference


Awesome post. Thanks for all the work.


Wow the truth that I did not think them so good. I hope they come more. <3


thank you . hope everybody finds it useful.


Thank you SO MUCH for your effort !


Hey, it is nice work, but the pics are all mixed up Maxxed items and e.g. level 1 myths. I guess this needs to be updated to show only the maxxed items. I guess this is a good idea for a YT video. Will create one next week!