There is yet no clan rewards on display

Please add some before you forget to add them like the other week.

I already sent a support ticket regarding this, let’s hope they do something about it. :slight_smile:

Spoiler: Nothing will be done as usual


I can see two options why this is happening:

1: The players complained too much so they dont deserve the reward

2: The players havent payed enough this week so tacticsoft can’t afford to give you guys presents(rewards)

3: Its a known bug that they will be looking into soon.

Pretty sure I’ve seen Sarah confirm this on another thread somewhere.

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So you think / know that the weekly clan reward is choosen by a system ?

Cos I think it is choosen by a dev, and somtimes they forget about, have no time for it, or whatever.

I can hardly imagine a program can choose the right next legendary / item !?

But you sure know it better or can at least ask for !
(since we get so rare answers :wink: )


Every help about that always coming again issue is very appreciated !
Because very often, IF that happens, we also get no medals (not always, but often).

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I have no idea how the system decides but imagine it is automated a bit like the boxes are.


Oh thank you for info, so they (devs) already know about this problem !

Because its really a huge problem, playing a whole week for getting nothing if you end up in Top 3 is … !

So let’s HOPE they fix it very soon (sorry @Fluxeon, I had to use this words now) !


SOON! it means NEVER! (In this world)

Of course it’s a bug… that’s for the developers’ side to fix.

As players, we WANT our weekly rewards…!

And if this doesn’t get fixed before the week ends, we will get nothing again. We weren’t even compensated with anything for the week when this previously happened.

  1. The players did not buy enough tokens this month, so this is just punishment, like in Soviet Russia
    "Comrade, you did not pay enough rubels
    for the Communist Party, go to gulag!"

Give us reward


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

No more shiny bottlecaps for @Fluxeon. I asked the devs and they finally listened.

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N O !!!

Oh okay, now I know you’re lying. :wink:

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


(or truth, however you see it)

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

@Elcent @Sarah247 @Mohadib

Can you please stick this thread :grey_exclamation: :question:

Since this issue became now a weekly one …

I will try to give a daily status about :grey_exclamation:

Every help would be appreciated :exclamation:


Please stick it - it is now 87% of all weeks … this issue :exclamation:

^^ this 2 quotes should let you start thinking about :exclamation: