There is still some strategy left in Reloaded


Okey let’s see this mech:

  • He has very much HP than me.

  • He has myth her drone.

In conclusion, he have a better mech than me, but, But he has The Claw, and this can be a disadvantage that would make you lose …To clarify, I could not win the battle, but I was so close.

Pic of the mech:

Do not pay attention to the emoji : v

Ok then my strategy was to switch to my second mech, which is energy, it is not the big thing but it has a good drainage, then I finished with its energy and I was able to take a big part of its HP, of course, it destroyed my second mech.

But He used his Charge and his Hook and only teleportation remained, which he could not use because he had no energy.

Then, the strategy beggining:

It was clear that the difference was quite remarkable.

I change to my energy mech, and he sould the charge and the hook, only rest the teleport, but he don’t have energy, and he can’t move by The Claw.

He change to her second mech.

But the energy wins again…At least weaken it enough.

Now the fun begins … Defeat your second mech, and teleport me away, since your first mech has the claw and can not move or have energy, it will not reach me easily.

And this happens … Cooldown.
As I approach and keep the distance shooting my NightFall pulling me away from their Annihitalions

The thing is going well, but the HP difference marks the end, GG.

And I lose…
Thanks for read.

There’s still some strategy left in Reloaded


Strategy against the claw : run away.


In case of mechs with Anni+NF builds,or any phys Claw build without a BB,Seraph or Mercy:
Strategy against the Claw:
Stick to your opponent.


There’s definitely strategy. Face hugging claws, setting up scopes, using powerful combos while denying them to your opponent. But sometimes strategy isn’t enough :confused:


Well, I suppose that in SM the force defeats the strategy.


The best way to win is to keep damaging. If you waste a precious point to switch out against a physical opponent, it’s not much use unless it’s for scopes or energy replenishment

Switching out is useful against energy and heat. Not physical.


Happy endings…