There is something wrong with the campaign


BB insane mode should give 20,000 gold coins, and is only giving, as of today a little more than 12,000 coins.

Please, fix this.

*(until yesterday it was fine)


Every mission has an incorrect (read: bigger than reality) value for coins and exp gain.


but until yesterday it was fine, it even gave more than what it says there (until yesterday it gave me approx. 25,000).

We are talking about a difference of 8,000. That’s a lot!


Maybe they are fixing the campaign to “Fix” the loot box drops? :laughing:


By Amun! Only to me does it occur write “There is something wrong with the campaign!”



One could only hope, to make up for the many NO BOX encounters I been having.
Hook us up with some higher percentage drops to get at least EPICs.
Fortune boxes should never have less than an epic beings they are so difficult to get.
Commons and RAREs are all over the place in the normal mix boxes we NEED EPICS / LEGENDARY.


До вчерашнего дня, с момента последней обновы, в кампании появился баг. Давали золото - как обычно + если переоткрыть игру, давали ещё столько же. Отсюда и твои 25к вместо 12.5к. Сейчас баг пофиксили. Не знаю как сказать это по английски - переводите сами))


I hear you!

Having fortune boxes drop rares or common is like getting slapped in the face! It’s even worse than having no box drops.


Well, with the lack of box drops, it doesnt matter, we are going to have plenty of coin and no parts to fuse, so it makes sense really. What i see happening is people clinging to their epic parts and holding more stuff in their inventory. I have about 300k more than i did before the update, and with the disparity of epic box drops, and box drops in particular, your cash will rise and you will need to buy more boxes from the store. I believe that would be the end game.


I never get box with lighters but my friend get twice this day in compaign and no silver box. Whats wrong?


I will tell you what happens. Yesterday buff the boxes (perhaps because the protest), I got 3 legendary, not good, but legendary at the end, and some epics.

Today everything changed, the campaign is nerf again. I did 10 missions today and from 10, only 5 had a box.


I have the same problems like befor i have restarted , i mean left the game . I become always or almost evry time oponents there have higher wepons and energie stats thene me . And also in the game , campaigne the enemi is much stronger thene me . Also the mechs waight is on only 1000 kg or 2000 pounds , so i actualy cant realmake any forge of beter parts . Or to speak it streight out , if i will have better weponery i have to ofer the shilds or movability . So i could not win , either i give mor wepons , nor if i shield my robot . Ihave no hinoff real world money to spend for forging to better mech by paying whith realworld money . It socks to be defited by enemies with stronger robots .Also the pvp arena betel and the capaigne give me rarely oponents whom i can defite or almost defite .


This has always been the problem of this game and of many flash games … with a credit card any monkey with guns is Messi …


For monkeys, by monkeys ~

:monkey: :monkey_face:


Give a gun to monkey and make a massacre. But the worst of all the monkeys is the vengeful monkey.


I’m really surprised that I’ve been playing SM for 4 years (soon to be 5). I would stop playing a game after a year but I don’t understand why am I still playing, maybe It’s the community that’s more fun than the game itself


Because it´s an addictive game. But it is not the game itself that produces addiction, but how well you say it´s the community.

This forum and the chat are not casual, they are the bait to have you caught. Many times is created in reality the false sensation of having friends and enemies, as happens in social networks. But it reaches to have you hooked with people who share your same interest in the game. You remain here for them and they remain for you. You will be supportive with the people who sympathize with you and competitive with whom you have no feeling.

It´s likely, as it has happened to me, that among all of people you really find a true friend, whether you get to know him personally or exchange private conversations outside the game. The issue is that if talk revolves around the game too, then you cannot let go.

So, if you have a real friend and you know that your friend really wants to leave the game or this game is not good either of the two, it’s best to avoid conversations about this, talk about anything else (There are so many topics to talk about!), at least until you both feel that they are no longer addicted to the game, so can stay or leave the game whenever you want, without affecting the friendship between you.


Nothing changed so far :disappointed_relieved:


Yes its also giving wrong exp reward (saying 400 exp reward for hard mode Ramboy but only gives 290exp). I sent a ticket 3 weeks ago or more. Tested it today no change. @Sarah247 @Mohadib how is it left to stand in game? Why not change the text? It is false advertising, do the developer realise?


Better question: Do they care?

Answer: No they do not. :slight_smile: