The Yo Yo Man Legion


K fine
My first order is to ban Aku and allow Samurai Jack only


no u.


No one can overthrow me Lord

Be gone or be banished


Lick my deliciously juicy female body then we’ll talk :wink:


Lmfao xDJust a tip that WM is joking


Who said anything about talking




Lick my deliciously juicy female body then we’ll type :wink:


Does everyone remember me from the past when i entered forums?
I was terrible,and now i have proof that i’m psycho.


You want thicc? unnamed


That’s…i mean krabs is thicc.

But it’s gey.


Pls bow him


d o w n l o a d i n g G I F

Also this legion s u c c s


How fuqing dare you.

Saying the word succs


I dare you to succ yourself.

Also no u∞².


I vanish the word of no u.

Soo pls do it yourself



H a ha ha ha h aha h ajs n e

her mind ended, thus l i g h t along with ittttttt


I have problem with my claw.

I’m in love with it.


you cruel

you are banished from our legion