The_yo_yo _man is taking over


Judge threads?
Oh I’m sorry when did I ever done that?


cough every trading thread in existence cough


You must be dreaming.


I can show you if you’d like


Can’t wait.


I’m too tired of linking every single post you’ve ever posted on here


Do you know the word called ‘‘joke’’?When i asked for trade?
Nope,of course you don’t.

And i say no to trades because fuqing no.


Actually, here:

There’s your problem summed up


What’s problem with my account?

You have no fun.


The problem with your account is that it’s you



Complete BS.
Who turned against me?
You ofc.


I didn’t turn against you. I was never on your side in the first place lmao


Then why did you asked everyone why am i suspended?
Yes,completly full retardation you are.


What the heck is this all about?


It’s spam

What else did you think it was?


This fool keeps thinking that he is new me.


I’m not allowed to know why you are suspended?

I’m not new you, and I don’t wanna be new you. You are evil.


Chicken is chicken, yoyo is yoyo.
Whats the issue between you 2 mates?


Yes you are allowed.
And you were acting peacfully when you asked why was i suspended.

And look at you now.


He tried to fight me by spamming more topics than I did