The Yo Yo man in german chat

he said that he was banned so… he’s in german chat :v that’s what he told me xD @WMist253 @cyanine

He’s banned from forums, but not from game lol.

He told me, to told you that he’s waiting for you in german chat xD

KI be there 20characterslimitisdrivingmetosucicide

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Yes everyone run quick, spam the chat as hard as you can to teach those horrible people who contribute nothing to the chat a lesson. This is perfect I value my own time so little I’m deffo willing to sit at my computer pressing the z key then enter for hours that way we’ll teach those horny people to get a life. I feel good about myself now.


Dude, no.
Yo Yo was just chatting with me in the game because he got suspended from the forums.

This isn’t a raid attempt at all.

Good stuff.

Guessing you unsubscribed from some of those “educational” sites you were using?

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I got a job so I re-subbed to one.

a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do after all.

I know my rights.


evrything must be at hand…
Glad you can still continue the professional sport that you enjoy so much…
in no time, they will scout you for the Profesional Leaque
“Bratzo di Ferro” :muscle::muscle::muscle:


now that’s one shot put league I can really get into.

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can I ask-- Wtf is going on in this topic?

They say a virgins right arm can destroy buildings…



Why was YoYoMan banned?