The Yeet Religion


Hello, fellow members of the Cult
I have started a new Religion, called the Divine followers of Yeet.
Join the cult for elightenment and dank memes.
Also lots of spam
And thats what she said jokes
But thats besides the point.
Join the Yeet Religion Cult!

On a side note, I expect daily rituals in my name, I expect to be glorified and praised, and weekly sacrifices of an innocent Supermechs Pvp fighter must be committed, screenshoted, and posted here in my name.

The yeet religion army

I have completed my daily ritual

I decided to sacrifice an innocent noob


Good job.


Now tag others to spread the cult


If you dont tag them you are not in my religion.



ok done thannc







This text will be blurred


All, praise my name to show your allegiance to my religion.


Sorry, but I’d rather stay Christian.


Fool, the Yeet religion will grant you elightenment.


I am Christian as well,

But Master Yeet is beyond the level of God.


Forum 21:24 GMT

Divine_Exchange with your excellency Yeet.



Okay, but let’s not go too far away now.


Thank you for sharing the Divine Sighting.


Ur welcome,
your excellency.


I can find way better memes that are updated daily (new memes daily) and way better of yours. Only sacrifice needed is the precious time, which is barely ever precious (at least for me).


I’m literally lmfao over this :)))))))


How dare YOU!!!