The XP System , how bad it's been

Starting from the beginning …

The product manager of BD (Admin Alexander) introdued AI colonies to make the game look alive , as we did’nt have more than 300-400 colonies on any map. I don’t remember exactly when AI colonies were introduced , not it’s been longer than a year.

It’s good to have such updates , which gives some enlightenment to beginners. At the initial ticks you get AI colonies (Tick 2) , some with no defense , some with Anti infantry(AI) defense either infs (AI) or Vehs (AI)

if it’s infantry , they are in a armor and damage mixture , pretty much 1 : 1.5 ratio (respectively)
if it’s vehicles , only armors are used for defense.

As the tick(s) increases , AI colonies come out with more defense (According to the New Update , Launched when XPL2 system was introduced). Now coming to the point , I played this Earth 3 , starting very late , i would first share some AI colony BR’s so all get to know what i want to express

AI colonies with Vehicles

AI colonies with infantry


All you got to do is nuke and get Xp , What is this Admin’s ? You talk about implementing XPL2 but look at this BS , not being harsh but honestly speaking. i see this happening on all worlds , this is wrong , get such huge amount of XP from AI colonies ? bruh they dont even attack you / move out.

He got all this XP , only and only from AI colonies .

I myself did this thing , i didn’t care as i had started very late and also having a busy RL.

I request Admins to act on this AI colonies farming , which is on it’s peak at the moment.

By the way , just a suggestion about the XPL2 system , i didn’t play the Galaxy3 where this was tested but some people complain that they have 80K xp on their units and still it isnt R5, XPL2 is a good idea to stop the AI colonies farming but killing 15 or more than 15 Sqaurds to gain XP is too much.

Limiting it to 5 or 150 Soilders would be perfect. We can have a seperate debate on it though.

The ones who read this thread please share your point of view , all are welcome !!!
Do not show your grudges here , this is something related to Development of Battle dawn !!!

Thank you


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You did all this for nothing I’m afraid, XPV2 (which is still being tested on g3, alex actually fixed some bugs with it recently) makes farming for xp basically useless (especially with AI) and xp is all based on how much you battle.

The current XP system is an issue though and this is why it’s been changed (or will be changed)

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It wasnt done to make BD look more alive. It was done

Quite a few of the “players” on worlds before were people paid to log in, as an attempt to get more players. Most didnt log in anymore past their first login. Im glad Alex is working on fixing the xp system. Not that it was initially broken, it just had some flaws.

XPv2 is quite different. Firstly the base transfer rate alone will never allow you to get R4 or R5. Base rate is 10XP per 15 squads killed. (Currently set at 10XP per 5 squads killed on G3). This means killing any AI will not result in getting any XP.
However Attacking a relic with a standard setup 90/45/30 Gives a total of 18XP per unit. Which is enough to hit level 1 upgrading your armour. If your whole alliance joins they attack they will all gain this 18XP.

I would give a further example to show how XPv2 is still good but as Carter stated there was a bug and it will be updated. And that includes making it stronger I believe. Also I have seen R5 units in G3. I’ve also seen R3 armour :slight_smile:


Sounds good , the sooner it is implemented on Dawn , the better it is :slight_smile:

Yeah, you bring up very valid issues. We’ve already realized them and are still testing a leapfrog-update that makes XP way way better than it has been in the past :slight_smile:

Right now AI does make farming too easy, which is bad. How bad can be argued (I’d rather they farm AI’s than newbs… Imagine how a newb feels getting his army killed with 0 kills for him over and over :frowning: ) but it’s still not quite desirable.

It’s actually in the game, just, we’re limiting the worlds it’s active on until we’re totally happy with it. E.g. this era Galaxy has totally different settings to see how it plays out. We intend to keep going to extremities that way, we’ll also be enabling it for some .com events in the future. But it takes a while to get such a huge change right!

The new XP system focuses on fighting for your XP. :slight_smile:


Thank you and Roger that :slight_smile: