The worth of being good

A person doing good may in this life, never receive something back from life. If so, why should one be good? Why is it worth being good if life does not guarantee us to give back?. After the good people endure so much pain, some good people just worsen as life goes, they lose all their loved ones, one by one. And being pushed away by others, their identity restricted by how society identifies them, not possessing the state of a free agent, in which no one possesses.

Question: Why should one be good?

My thesis

Being good is beyond questioning it’s worth, do good to be sufficient to oneself and to the others, give without taking back, forgive, tolerate, teach and listen or any of such. Remember that you have made someone’s day somehow, sometime, and somewhere by being a good person towards them.


you should be good becaue nobody likes a crackhead.

keyword should :thinking:

did you take the idea from “what does it mean to be a good person”? lol

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Not at all actually, I thought up the topic.