The worst type of smurf

im recently fine with the multiple weapon type smurfs but these are just obnoxiously annoying , they are suppose to be skull ranks , not this ,maxed modules , maxed weaponns, maxed mechs and they decide to stay in low ranks on purpose instead of moving on

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Don’t add more keep your modules more modules less weapons

Some people still don’t know anything

you seem to dont really understand the huge difference between a maxed myth mech with maxed modules smurf and a lower ranker player i bet

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you are in rank 6 smh

I thought smurfs are the ones with two or three kind of weapons in one mech.

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That’s one kind, these guys are another.

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Can you guys stop sending these…these topics aren’t the goal to blame.

Can we stop that “smurf” nonsense?

You all will end up bringing Gargamel to the forum.


The first mech wasn’t much of a hybrid…
they don’t have any other weapon that can push enemies further back.
So that’s considered strategy,
so not really a smurf…
Second mech not sure since I don’t see anything wrong with it unless the grenade launcher there is terror cry and not last words.

As if this wasn’t already the case with 90% of topics/posts here.

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where are the smurfs?

The smurf meant here is that these mechs are supposed to be on rank 3 , rank 2 battles , not rank 6 battles

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those are not smurfs
i call my smurf expert
he is a smurf detector

those are smurfs?

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Except the third one…

Smurfing meaning that they use mechs that are obviously stronger than you to fight in the lower ranks , these mechs’s modules and weapons are all maxed meaning that they are supposed to be skull rank ladder battles , not hanging around in the rank 6 , rank 5 battles

Yes,and here we have two species!

The Loco dude is the first species of this mutant race,the one that weilds more weapon types,also the one that puts a phys weapon on any build.This is a common species of smurf.Energy build with low-moderate energy (even so,too low for a competitive energy),moderate heat,moderate hp.The all-rounder of hell smurf!

The other ones are straight builds but de-ranked.

I could smell there were smurfs from a mile!


thanks for proving that im right

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