The Winners of Molten Platinum Vest


The Molten Platinum Vest raffle is over and we are superhappy to announce the names of the winners! Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen! The rewards await you in your hangars :smiley:

Here we have a list of the winners:

Shadow Wing
Darrken Rall
Neon Boar
Golden Seal
Veteran Chaos
Scarlet Sunrise
Teal Minotaur


oh of course not me again like usual always it hurts :sob:


Hey would you look at that… names…


Yes, great, a lot better than just numbers, where we still know the same as before :exclamation:

A :+1:t3: for @Berserk40000 :exclamation:


And congratulation to all winners :exclamation:



Wait there was a raffle. Wow. Guess I missed it…


They are learning to write names right now :joy:


Hey, +1 to the Devs/Admins for writing names now

Makes it appear way more legit
Good Job! and Keep up with the Improvements!! :grin:


Amazing… Names… Good work :slight_smile:


Hmm i never win any raffle ever…
But will try to atleast win once…
Miss u MPV…
Will win you some day…
Next time maybe i win…


now they use names to prevent us seeing IDs, we immediately see that the names are suspicious (probably all names of ghost players), I’m almost certain that if we saw the IDs there would be as usual to laugh and it would always be clear that these raffles are scams … I hypothesize that the “top players” will never win a raffle.


The last time we saw ID was really weird … some ID were in sequence.


hey! What do you mean exactly? :slight_smile:


It’s not exactly this, but how many chances are there that in 15 players 9 of them start with 39 …?


This is the one I’m looking for. See it yourself.


we mean that you should stop rubbing us, it’s clear that the raffle winners are not chosen by a random generator, only the kids do not notice it.
If you want to improve your relationship with the community it would be appropriate to start behaving honestly, remember that the more bullshit you make the more money you lose.


Oh, Wep, thanks for sharing it with me
To be honest, I see no circumstances under which we would need to choose certain winners for the raffle
Truly, that feels like something strange, but there can’t be even a slightest reason for us to change the names of the winners :slight_smile:


No, no… It’s not for changing winners. It is for you to see that by ID sometimes there are something wrong in the system.